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OpenBricks: The 5-minute Overview

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  • What is it ? OpenBricks is an enterprise-grade embedded Linux framework that provides easy creation of custom distributions for industrial embedded devices. It features a complete embedded development kit for rapid deployment on x86, ARM, PowerPC and MIPS systems with support for industry leaders. Pick your device, select your software bricks and cook your product !

  • Who is it for ? Individuals and companies that look for rapid board bring-up with fine-grain embedded Linux distribution setup with complete customization. Ever had to care about BSP and toolchain ? That’s now long gone history. If time to market means for you, OpenBricks will save your day.

  • Which hardware is supported ? OpenBricks supports a broad range of embedded partners (including but not limited to Intel, TI, nVidia, Freescale, Broadcom and Marvell) and SoC, from low-end MIPS to high-end ARM Cortex-A9 MP through Intel ATOM. Whether you’re designing a smartphone, a SetTopBox, a NAS or a router, OpenBricks can optimize your code for multi-cores SMP, multi-threaded SMT, hardware cryptographic accelerators, various DSPs and SIMD extensions.

  • What does the software offer ? OpenBricks reduces development efforts by abstracting the low-level interface to your device. It supports all Khronos industry standards (OpenGL|ES, OpenVG, OpenMAX …) and major applicative frameworks (Qt, GTK, EFL, SDL) for you to only focus on your end-user application.

  • Who’s using it ? OpenBricks is an OpenSource framework. It’s the masterpiece framework behind your next design product. Anyone can use it and contribute to it, individuals as well as professionals. OpenBricks currently sustains¬† the GeeXboX project.

Check out for more product’s details.

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