Donate and Sponsors

September 29th, 2010

Why donating ?

OpenBricks is a free project, developed by individual developers on their spare time. Our team has no income and any help is fully appreciated to help us with development. Many users request new features from us, especially on hardware we do not own. Fundings helps our team buying various embedded evaluation boards to port OpenBricks to and increase support rate. Funding also helps our team to be involved in multiple conferences to talk and present OpenBricks to the world.

Why Sponsoring ?

As for donations, sponsoring is a great help for our community project. OpenBricks is about porting the most software on a maximum of hardware targets and accessories. If you are part of, know or represent an association, consortium or company (semi-conductor companies are highly welcomed) and want your new device to be supported by the OpenBricks project, sponsoring a few evaluation boards is a generous and easy way to help the project grow (and to raise your customers satisfaction/opportunity level by offering a free solution to support your product). If you’re willing to work with our framework and need some help or presentations, we’re ready for travel to your location if you make it happen.

As for know, the following companies (and affiliated) have trusted our software and sponsored us:

How can I help or donate ?

To donate does not necessarily mean giving money. Of course, if you really like OpenBricks and believe that the time used to develop it should be rewarded, your money donations are welcomed. If you want to contribute to the OpenBricks project you can make a donation using PayPal : it’s free, easy and of course you’re free to donate what you think our work deserves. The whole development team thanks you.

But you’re also able to help us from many others ways. If you can provide us dedicated servers, bandwidth, promotions, advertisement, or even specific piece of hardware, please contact us, your help will be greatly welcomed. By the way, you can also help us with your own skills as we’re looking for new developers, contributors, translations maintainers, documentation maintainers …

So, if you want to help us, just mail us at . And, on behalf of all the developers and users, thank you for your help.

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