OpenBricks Distribution Flavours

The OpenBricks framework and toolchain can be used to build various distributions flavours. As one of today, the following projects are powered by the OpenBricks project:

  • GeeXboX: an embedded Linux Media Center distribution.

OpenBricks Side-Projects

The people involved in OpenBricks also are authors or contributors to various other Open Source software, namely:

  • GeeXboX: an embedded Linux Media Center distribution.
  • Enna: an Enlightenment-based Media Center interface
  • libplayer: a multimedia A/V framework designed to drive multiple media players (MPlayer, Xine, VLC, GStreamer) with a single API.
  • libvalhalla: a media scanning library that extracts as much metadata information as possible and stores them into an SQLite database.
  • libdlna: reference DLNA protocol implementation library
  • libnfo: a tiny library to parse and write NFO media information.
  • uShare: a UPnP A/V and DLNA compatible media server.

Concurrent Projects

The following projects share the same ideas than OpenBricks but with a different approach and philosophy. Each of them have their pros and cons but we like the difference. These are our direct competitors but we still like them and its not unlikely than one borrows code from another from time to time (that’s the real OpenSource spirit).